Tech Trends 2015

As we get closer to the end of 2014, we will be looking at some of the tech trends that have become custom to tech geeks, IT, and social media aficionados. This post will briefly look at what we loved in 2014 and what way the industry seems to be leaning towards in 2015.


This year, technological advancements seemed to move one step further as we expected, we witnessed the success of the rosetta space mission, autonomous cars took a step further in develpoment, the rise of the Chinese tech giants in western markets (Alibaba) , the internet of things becomes more widespread with our everyday devices like tv’s, tooth brushes, fridges, washing machines etc. getting connected to the internet.

This year we have also seen the power of cloud computing, the power of hackers and when you put both together… BOOM!!! We get a lot of celebrity phones hacked and nude pictures all over the place.

Currently we are hearing and reading everywhere of the Sony pictures hack due to the production and release of the movie ‘The Interview’ staring Seth Rogen and James Franco.


In the new year, we will see a number of trends that will take the tech industry by storm, some beneficial to the advancement of technology, others may just be fads that would not last past 2015.


In 2014 we saw the likes of Darkmail and Jitsi providing an encryption service that you do not get with mainstream email or VOIP providers. In the new year, we can expect the use of these services to increase as well as see an increase in mobile encryption software for those sensitive about their personal information.


Drones are no longer exclusive to the military as we once saw. As christmas draws near, we see an increase in the sales of drones from the regular high street retailer. One concern is that users may not be aware of the rules that apply to using the drones in public places. The Civil aviation authority (CAA) has published a set of regulations on their website for those who are thinking of flying their drones from christmas day onwards. Be sure to see all types of aerial photography and all sorts of creative aerial activities.

Wearable Tech

We have been teased with Google glass for almost two years now, in that time we have seen other start up’s come up with their own form of wearable pieces of technology, some to complement current mobile tech and others as stand alone pieces of technology. In 2015 expect to see the Apple watch (might be a flop), its samsung counterpart, and others such as the Cicret bracelet and possibly, Facebook’s diversion into the gaming industry with their acquisition of Oculus rift.


The Snowden Effect

Ever  since the Edward Snowden mystery, secure communications have become some what of an importance to those who care about their online privacy. 

These days, you hear about organisations like FaceBook, Microsoft, google, Apple and many more leaking information to the government. with smart phones, it is easy for these corporations to track our whereabouts, conversations and so on. I think it’s worrying that privacy is becoming a luxury rather than basic human rights.

Some startups have taken an advantage of the gap in the market and have come out with some exciting new concepts that may allow us to keep our messages and conversations secure.

Jitsi is an alternative to Skype that allows messages and conversations to be encrypted without the governments nosey self in our business. Another exciting one is the concept of Darkmail which allows all messages to be encrypted with a high level of security and therefore not available to interested third parties.

For more information click on the links to both websites.


“4 More Years”

The US elections is the hot topic right now, everyone has an opinion on why they supported Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney. Too late for Romney supporters, come back in 4 years. I have this growing obsession for info-graphics and it just so happened i stumbled on one about the elections and just got excited to share it.

It shows different categories of people who voted for Obama and Romney. They include, age, gender, top qualities, race, and income. It shows that women and young voters aged between 18-44 voted for the democrat. It shows that he also appealed to voters to people from all levels of society from the lower to the upper class. although majority of the upper class voters voted for the republican leader.

More info-graphics to come.

MSC… A New Route

The summer is gone, My graduation from the university of Sunderland was a moment that I will forever cherish. But for some reason, I did not see myself working in PR. I do not know the reason for that, it may be because of the applications that went unanswered, competition, or just plain bad luck. Either way I did not fancy the option of working in that industry. Instead I decided to go back to university for one final year. I am currently studying for an MSC in business with marketing management.

My time at Northumbria University has been really fun so far. For the first time in years i get along with my class mates, taking nothing away from the ones in Sunderland, just that with these new class mates there is a real sense of friendship. We happened to go on a residential trip to Blackwell grange, a nice and unique 3 star hotel in Darlington. As a group we got to bond, became better friends and was put through an intense two-day self awareness and professional development course.

As the year carries on, my blog will still stay true to the communications industry with a little about my current studies and personal life.


As always… Eddy.



APP Window

Yes, it has been a while since my last post, I was caught up in that final year university lifestyle…. you know, the one that involves projects/dissertations…. that one. Well im back now, will be posting as much as I possible can while the job hunt goes on.

While job hunting, I found an interesting video I am sure you will be interested in. General Motors(GM) has taken the smart phone app/social media/augmented reality concept and have tried to revolutionise the passenger experience. I think they might be on to something here… Lets know your thoughts.


Another Use Of The QR Code

The QR code is technology that has not yet been utilised to its full potential in the UK. So far the most creative use of the  QR code I have witnessed are people using it on their business cards… trying to prove that they stand out of the crowd.

Homeplus, known to us in the UK as Tesco came up with an idea which seemed to have worked for them, the question is can we over here in the UK make the same idea work for us? As PR professionals and as organisations? Guess we will have to take the risk and find out just like Tesco….ooh, I mean Homeplus.


We R Classic

I must admit the inspiration for this post is a topic that really gets me going. Reebok has always been a brand that puzzles me, it seemed like they didn’t have an identity, they didn’t know what publics to target their product at. They just needed some direction.

While Nike conquered the athletic apparel market, endorsing Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant, Ronaldinho, Roger Federer… the list is endless!

Adidas filled the gap in the market by stealing the urban market, endorsing acts such as Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg, N-Dubz, Ciara, and David Beckham.This tactic saw their sales go through the roof.

Reebok have hit back and quite strong I might add. The new ‘Reethym of lite’ campaign has the flash of a Nike ad campaign and the buzz of an Adidas campaign. With Reebok using artist such as Swizz Beats, Common, Bluey Robinson. They have taken the market by storm… bringing back classics from the late 80’s and early 90’s seem to have struck gold with the current urban fashion market!!